Pawar outsmarts ' Chanakya' of Indian politics: NCP


NCP National Spokesperson Nawab Malik said that "finally, Sharad Pawar has outsmarted" the so-called 'Chanakya' of Indian politics -- hinting at BJP National President Amit Shah -- as the three parties appeared set to stake claim to form the Maharashtra government, almost a month since the elections got over.

Though referring to BJP President and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, without taking any names, Malik tweeted that "the throne of Delhi failed to make Maharashtra bend before it... Jai Maharashtra!..."

The BJP though feels otherwise. The silence in the saffron camps were momentarily broken when Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari on Friday said that the upcoming alliance of Sena-NCP-Congress was non-viable.

"They are all parties with differing ideologies... Their government won't last for long," Gadkari said.

Upbeat Sena MP Sanjay Raut replying to a question whether the party would return to the NDA-fold if it was given the post of CM, said: "This is now a fight for the dignity and self-respect of Maharashtra. Now, even if we are offered the throne of (Lord) Indra, we are not interested... That time has elapsed."

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